Finance law 2022

The draft new Finance law 2022, adopted on October 18, 2022 by the government, tends to introduce new tax measures, and various measures that will strengthen the resources of the State. The main tax measures will be the introduction of a new social solidarity contribution, the reduction of the minimum tax rate, the reduction of the corporate tax to 27% for profits below 100 million DH, the revision of the VAT rate to 10% for solar and photovoltaic panels, the revision of the flat-rate allowance on the salary income of professional sportsmen and women, and the transfer of ownership of immovable property from the former local authorities to the new ones.  In terms of customs measures, the main changes relate to the increase or decrease of import duties on several products, as well as the domestic consumption tax, namely: the increase of import duties on pre-cooked and frozen poultry patties to 40%, similarly for tubes and incandescent lamps, a gradual reform on tobacco between 2022 and 2026, an increase in perspective on e-liquids of electronic cigarettes, introduction of a tax on the recycling of household appliances and energy-consuming products and equipment.

Download the Finance law 2022.