To respond to the desire of the kingdom of Morocco, the Tangier Med port was build on the south shore of the Strait of Gibraltar. Entered service in July 2007, Tanger Med is a leading industrial and Logistic platform.
With a capacity of 3 million containers, which will be increased to 8,000,000 in 2016 , Tangier Med port is designed for the latest generation of container vessels. it is a platform for global activity transfer and a door to accommodate the traffic related to import-export activities.
with its exceptional location in the heart of the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier Med port provides direct access to major east / west shipping lines with " zero deviation" for ships. Located at the intersection between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, it has the advantage of catching the North-South routes to Africa and America .
The Tangier Med Port increases the strategic importante of the Strait of Gibraltar, where crosses 20% of the world traffic.

Conseil en logistique


With almost one million containers handled since its first year in 2008, the Tangier Med port has confirmed the strategic and optimum position of the Strait of Gibraltar on the container shipping market. In June 2009 was launch the construction of Tangier Med 2, a large extension of Tangier Med, to strengthen the long-term potential of detroit and make it a hub in the world map of container shipping .
Tangier Med 2, with a capacity of 5.2 million containers added to the 3 million containers of Tanger Med 1 will be one of the port leaders in the Mediterranean and Atlantic.